Sunday, February 28, 2010

The BEST vacation EVER!!!!

I’m attending a group shoot with Mr. Stephen Eastwood out in NYC on the 13th, with not only his hotness, but 5 hot Russian models and a Chezk model as well!


The cost wasn’t all that much really, just what amounts to a months rent between the cost of the event and tickets out there.

Also, (but he isn’t as hot as Eastwood) I get to hang out with my good friend Kevin Michael Reed and stay at his place that weekend, which should be pretty fun and he is one of the best people I’ve ever met.

So all in all a great time, and the biggest challenge will be getting from Newark to Kevin’s place at midnight on the 12th.

My website, done by me! =D

So, over the past 7 hours or so I was able to put together a pretty decent temp site that will work great up until I can find a professional to re-do mine in some wordpress or drupal format.

I wanted to keep things clean, and modern, how successful I was at that is up to question. I also wanted to do something different with my webgalleries – and I’ve been on a swap image by clicking bender over the past week.

I was also able to get google checkout going, so now I can take credit cards over the web and other neat things!


It’s not like the site I had talked to my friend about, however it’s pretty cool and I’m proud of what I did.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is this fashion, a portrait, or just a regular headshot?

So at the Laura Fulk preview shoot I was able to take a shot of the model for the makeup and hair artists... I'm pretty proud of it, the model is totally sweet, the hair and makeup were awesome, and it's a really cool shot.

More images from that day will be up at at some point in time. I can't give anything away, and this headshot dosen't really give anything away - other than I hope you have a spare change of pants near by when the images get up... They are that sweet!

I show it to a friend and he said "dude, that's not fashion" - now granted this friend is out in NYC, he shoots fashion, so maybe it isn't? Or maybe he is just jealous that I get to shoot something like that, or I did it here in Mpls?

Who knows, no big deal!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Foot in the Door 4 at the MIA

The Foot in the Door show happens once every 10 years at the MIA, and in my opinion it's a fun show where anyone and everyone who does art can submit a piece as long as it fits into a foot by foot box. So, it's a great cross section of artists in the area/state, and pretty fun to do.

So I had to submit one of my photos, the black and white of downtown in the winter, and it got in (of course) but it got on one of the main walls! Which was pretty sweet in a few ways, first finding it was pretty easy, and second is that a ton of people went to the show and saw it - although the credit each of us is given is limited due to space.

The show runs though June 13th, so check it out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So, I love makeup artists sometimes – well a lot of the time!

So my friend Krista Dostal and I were doing a photoshoot with Catherine Holtz, and we were messing around with some gold leaf... The stuff can really be awesome and we got some pretty cool results!

We took that in the freight elevator, and we did a bit more in the studio!

I always love working with both Krista and Catherine, they are awesome people and we always get some great pictures!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some of us take pictures in the dark!

So I have to give credit to my friend Karl Johnston who lives way way way up north in Canada and takes pictures of the Northern Lights. This guy is lucky that he can view them, since we don’t get much down here. So those of us who like to be out at night are forced to find other stuff to take pics of!

He is over at -

For the rest of us we are left to bridges, buildings, walking about town, and trees!

If you’ve wondered what iso 12,000+ looked like on film, this is it! My RB67 is limited to a 1 second shutter, and due to this I have to work with what I can to get an image. (Ok, I can go longer, but it’s a pain, and it’s less of a pain to drag out the 4x5, which is what I’m going to start doing.)

Again I’m putting up with the limits of my camera, and it was pretty dark, but it’s a pretty cool gritty image of the Mill City area in Minneapolis.

This is from a friend and I walking around Loring Park before or after getting some beers – I forget – anyway I got some pretty cool shots with more up on my website!

I guess this is what happens when I’ve had a few drinks and think that wiping off my snow covered lens with a wool glove is a good idea – it isn’t. But, it’s a pretty cool effect, kind of along the lines of putting Vaseline over a lens.

A lot more low light images up on my website!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So some of us have these silly projects from time to time… I know photographers who take an image a day, or pick one topic and do a series on it. Well, I went out and started a parking meter series – for no more reason than I think they are cool and fun to take pictures of!



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A few easy tips to help make printed prints look better!

So I have a few simple basic tips for printing prints either on your home printer or sending them out.

In whatever image retouching program you have there should be a Info area where you can see the %’s of the tones of the image – with 0% being white and 100% being black.

You want to keep highlights you care about over 5% - since under that and you run a big risk of them blowing out.

You want to keep things you don’t want totally black under 90%, since anything over that runs the risk of getting really muddy.


Monday, February 1, 2010

I had to walk back to get a picture of this!

So now and then I make the mistake of leaving my camera at home while I walk about and do stuff downtown. This was one of those days – another day was when I saw a squirrel run up the side of a apartment building with a grocery bag full of something or another…

Anyway, I had to run to the post office downtown and, it’s weird, but I never took notice of the IDS Building from this intersection before. Even though I walk around there all the time, many times a week.

So at 4pm I pretty much ran back, 13 blocks or so, got my camera, and ran back. All that running took about 30 min, stitching two images together at that angle took about 3 hours.

It’s a pretty dope print though, and pretty huge!