Friday, June 7, 2013

Yes, this weather is bad - Yes we can still shoot portfolios in the studio!

The weather lately can go without really getting into details, but needless to say we haven't really had many great days to get outside and enjoy the start of summer - let alone do anything picture related. There is good news though, we can still do a lot in the studio and still set someone up with great images, and it's always swimsuit weather inside!

Andrew Thomas Evans

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New to modeling in Minneapolis Minnesota?

So, some may think that just because they are totally new to modeling that they won't get work or won't be successful. I just got word last week that a headshot client of mine a few months back, a gentleman in his late 40's to 50's was picked up by an agency here in town and got work. I think he did do some acting way back when, but nothing recently, and was pretty much new to it. This adds to what I keep saying, that a person only needs the desire to try more than anything else - and you never know what will happen unless you try.