Friday, January 24, 2014

Over or Under thinking Headshots

So the other day I was talking with a business client (as this doesn't relate to actors, models, and those who get work directly from their image) and we were discussing what types of outfits and locations would be good for their business headshot. In that conversation they said "well I may be over thinking things". That could be the case, and maybe there was some over-thinking, but that's never a bad thing. What's bad would be to under think it, not take your profession and target market into account, and come out with something that won't really help you.

I look at it this way, and it's going back to college and the old Hygiene vs Motivator chart. If you're not sure what that is, or think it has to do with smelling good and shaving, a link is below.

How I feel photos and headshots factor into this in that they are more of a hygiene than a motivator for your leads/clients. If for example I'm going to buy a house, I will put some consideration into the persons headshot and website, but more weight would go onto their record, price, and services. So although a person would have to be up to date and have a good website and good headshot, it wouldn't really lead to more work. On the other hand it may create less work if the website or headshot was poor.

Now granted some industries may put more weight on a headshot. Realtors would be one of those areas where a relationship and personal interaction happen over the course of months and you're personally working with clients. Others may include personal trainers or those who have to build or create the same connection with their clients.

That said, I feel, and as I've always said, that you need to find the photographer that's right for you. As with the list above there may be many factors involved with that search but their work needs to be something you can relate to and something you would want to represent you.