Monday, August 23, 2010

Sexy fun in the studio with basic lighting and outfits!

Did some fun fashion work in the studio today - simple outfits, shot it on white seamless and against a white wall, and very simple light! Goes to show what can be done if things are kept basic with the focus on quality over any one theme or style.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The NEW soup can!

Years ago someone who shall not be named used a simple soup can to solidify themselves as a leader in the art scene. I'm not going to get into what their use meant, you can read all about that in other places – this is my way to pay homage to them, and to let the image evolve into the new millennium.

Color film + bands = FUN!

Went to the triple rock today and had some film on me, saw a few great bands, got some great pictures, and it's always a good time there!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Show - Rejected!

So Today I went and picked up my image from the art show, for some reason or another it didn't get accepted by the judge, which happens. This is why shows have judges, galleries have curators, and why we like some places over others - not because of quality issues, but because we all have different eyes and look for and at different things.

I didn't decide to do the Hopkins show this year, which is a place for the State Fair rejections, since I don't agree with the whole "anything goes that didn't get accepted here" idea, or at least I don't think my work would fit well into that setting. I'm also younger and a bit idealistic, so this view may change in a few years.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Was lucky enough to see Tony get out and spin a set at the Great Sun Buffet with my good friend Jake. Room was packed, sound was awesome, and house music is always a great way to spend a Sat night!

Shoot today with Megan from Vision Models

So today I worked with my good friend and makeup artist Krista Dostal, and a good model friend Megan. We had grand plans for the shoot, however with 90 some degree heat and all of us sweating those plans really didn't get off the ground all that much. So we decided to keep things to a few headshots and simple makeup changes.

The first image on this post was actually the last taken. Where we had fun outside with a sprinkler and got her wet. The light was nothing special - only with a plastic bag of it just in case - and I used a regular reflector with no other modifier.

Below is one of the first shots we took. Again nothing too special with the light, other than it was one of our converted stage lights. It worked, and would have been a bit better if we weren't fighting with high temps and the sun going in and out of the clouds.

After the grass shot we moved the light around and put her in front of a tree. It worked pretty well, and I wished we would have had more time to do a few more shots, however again with the heat we had to work fast before all the makeup melted off.

Finally we took a few pictures of her in front of some flowers. I wanted to get something with the makeup and the purple, which we did do, and will do again once the temps outside are bearable!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boating anyone?

Was hanging out at Big Island today and got a picture of this huge ass (pretty big) boat/yacht. Mostly at the peril of my camera since (without a neck strap) I was up to my shoulders in the water. Totally worth it, and hopefully I can find a few projects like this next year!