Monday, February 11, 2013

Tim's Custom Exhaust in Coon Rapids

I was looking for a custom exhaust on my old motorcycle, and did a quick google search to try and find someone or at least get a few quotes. The first place I came while looking for exhaust around Minneapolis was Tim's. I called on a Saturday and the call was answered with a "he loves bike exhaust", went up there to drop off what I had, and got a great quote the next week. The work was done within a few weeks, which being fall/winter, was just fine, and it sounds great. I would totally recommend the shop for any bike related exhaust needs.

Fast forward a few months and the muffler/tailpipe of my Jeep fell off. First off I thought it was going to be more expensive than what it turned out to be, so I tried to fix it myself - with mixed results. I did fix it, and it lasted a month or so before my fix failed and it fell off again. This time I did what I should have done and brought it up to Tim's shop. I brought it in on a Monday morning around 10, and by 11 I was out with a new muffler and my problems were solved. It really didn't cost all that much, and the Jeep sounds better than it ever did. Again I would not hesitate to recommend this shop for anyone needing exhaust on a vehicle.

If you are in need of exhaust please check them out and give them a call.