Thursday, December 10, 2009

Using a red light in the studio?

So my friend Ray Shan decided to send me some pictures he found, or the designer he is representing - Laura Faulk - found, or something or another. Either way, I took a look at them and said "well, that doesn't look too hard to do, just have to give it a try."

Yeah, right. I mean it wasn't all that hard, it was pretty straight forward, but really, it's a little more work than I thought i was getting into!

As far as technical notes, and as far as my photoshopping the colors to be like they are, it's really just a matter of setting up a red light, and then setting up the flash so that they don't overpower eachother. A long exposure later and manual flashes, and you should have a pretty cool image. It does take a little work, but the results can be worth it!

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