Friday, December 25, 2009

Running around in the dark - Christmas blizzard of 2009

So, as with last year, we had a late December blizzard here in Minneapolis - and Minnesota for that matter - and as with last year it was pretty much the real deal. For about 3 days driving was a lot of fun, flights in and out were a mess, it was cold, snowed, rained, snowed, and now we have ice all over the place.

Also like last year I tried to get out with my camera and document it a bit, with a few different places and trying a few different things. All of this was done with my RB67, Delta 400 film, and it was pushed to around and over iso1600.

That first picture posted was of the Gutherie Theater and Mill City. It was really dark at the time, still snowing a bit, and the film looks grainy since it was really pushed up to and past 1600, with a lot of added contrast in post. I think the exposure was around a second, f4, and yeah, it was really dark and snow/foggy.

This is our view towards downtown from Loring park. I meant to, and will someday, bring a longer lens to shoot it with, but it's a really cute park and fun view. Kind of like NYC's view from Central park, but much, much, much smaller.

Another view from the river front area of town, just some old grain elevators that are either being torn down, or converted into something or another. I think, after going back there, that this needs to be flipped horizontally, but that's my dirty little secret. Again, it was pretty foggy, a little snow in the air, and I needed to really push the film to get this.

An Alleyway downtown that I always like to shoot for fun. Again, snowy, foggy, but not as cold as a year ago.

A hotel downtown, which was decked out a bit in Christmas stuff, it's cute.

But yeah, that's my trip around town this year! More to come this winter!

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