Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shows from last year...

Over the summer/fall I really don't shoot all that much black and white, in fact this year I haven't really done much since I'm exploring larger prints and finding new ways to show my work - and gearing up for the spring art crawl here in Minneapolis.

So what happens is I have a bunch of film that sat around needing to be processed, and I finally got around to doing that here the other day. Below are some highlights!

Some Random Hot Dish event at the Record Room (old VIP room) at First Ave. This is always a fun night, and those guys have some great house dj's coming though each first Sat of the month.

My good friend and awesome musician Meredith Firke - - really, check her out! A great local signer songwriter with a nice chill folkish sound (sorry, not a music review person), anyway she kicks butt and you should see her!

My friends in the George Maurer Group at the Dakota last Dec. Two things are amazing about them, first is how they can cram all those people on that small stage, and they do some pretty cool jazz standards in a fun way. Well, and I used to sit in with them back in high school when I played my sax more often.

Finally, got to see the New Standards close their set (before late night took over) at the Dakota with a very good friend. Although I haven't seen them lately, it brought back memories to hear "I'm a dude dad" and watch them close things down.

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