Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't be scared to get wet!

Not that this was a huge risk, but I'm always up for getting the shot, and if that means putting a light out in a few feet of water - so be it! My friend and I wanted to do a shoot, the weather was nice, and frankly we don't have that great of beaches here - or at least nothing along the lines of Cali or other beachy places. So, the only other options are really to get in the water and have some fun.

So we went away from where there would be a lot of traffic, not really because we don't want any onlookers, mostly to get out of the way. We did start with some on land shots, and then after a bit, and after getting a few good shots there, we moved into the water. I wasn't too scared of the rig tipping over when set, but it was fun trying to get that out there and not slip and fall myself.

All in all the results were worth it, and I enjoy pushing the limits a bit and getting shots that others may not.

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